Security posture assessment

Improve your business security defenses and its ability to react as the situation changes through our comprehensive security posture assessment.

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Comprehensive assessment for your security invesment

Whether you want help prioritizing and implementing known vulnerabilities or are starting from square one, we'll work alongside your staff to remediate any shortcomings.

Penetration testing

We can demonstrate the destructive power that an attack from the inside, a rogue employee or an untrusted contractor can inflict.

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Social engineering

Assess detection of spurious phone calls and email messages designed to trick your employees into disclosing sensitive information and performing malicious actions.

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Firewall configuration review

By attempting to breach your organisation’s firewalls, AXO’s penetration testers can detect unsafe configurations and recommend changes to optimize security and throughput.

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Secure code review

Run a holistic analysis of source code in your software to discover security breaches, bugs, and violations of conventions.

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Our approach to Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

The assessment can be divided into four distinct phases:



AXO Security Project Manager will work in close cooperation with the appropriate stakeholders to develop a detailed work plan, including a clearly-stated aim, a statement of scope, limitations and restrictions, required logistical arrangements, a detailed schedule and deliverables.


Documentation review

We will be provided with all reference material required, and any other information necessary for the completion of these tasks. To do so, a system description is documented, and a concept of operation is defined. Target level of residual risk is determined in consultation with you.



Our team of consultants will conduct an analysis of the client’s internet exposure, conduct an onsite audit followed by an analysis of findings, define the overall cybersecurity posture of the client based on these findings and results and propose a prioritized improvement plan including suitable recommendations for the security authority.



A draft report will be sent to the client, including all the above-identified deliverables. Once the comments will have been received and integrated, we will provide you with the final report.

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