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At AXO, we empower each one of us to make the decision and move our company forward. To keep our company on track, we hold firmly to our company culture. Our company values act as guiding principles to show us how we must operate to reach our goals. These values form our company culture and how we would make a decision.

Our company values act as guiding principles to show us how we must operate to reach our goals.


Passion cannot be taught. It comes from our within. Passion means we devoted in heart and mind. Our passion challenges us, motivates us and puts us to work. Through passion, we have courage to inspire others.


We’ve always believe innovations will drive us further. We should be rapidly innovative for creating a smart future. At AXO, everyone has power to voice out their new ideas, sharing their ideas and think out of box.

Focused on growth, but willing to do things that don’t

Sometimes, innovations take time and not giving us constant results. At AXO, we constantly thinking forward and searching for new things although it cannot be applied today.


Let’s be real. All of us communicate fearlessly to build trust. We celebrated transparency as it is very crucial to our customers and team members. We believe honesty is the best policy to make all communications clear, accurate and avoid making assumptions.


We always believe our role is not only to provide service to our customers, but we are responsible for lending our hands to push them forward. We give them exposure and enhancing their knowledge to a better understanding in every solution that we have planned for them.

Stay Curious

Keep asking ‘why?’ Questions are powerful. Questions spark curiosity, curiosity creates ideas and ideas lead to innovation. We believe stay curious makes us eager to continue exploration, discovery and learning new things.
AXO Technologies Sdn Bhd (1276407-U) is an innovative and thoughtful IT consulting firm based in Selangor, Malaysia. We help organizations solve their IT challenges by leveraging technology in their business process.

With our certified professional team, we strive to provide a better understanding and relationship with our customers.
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