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Improve workflow efficiency and shorten response times by optimizing your support, operations and processes.

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Feel confident knowing your business IT infrastructure is in good hands

Infrastructure issues prevent you from focusing your attention on innovating and growing your business. You don't want persistent support issues that will lead to expensive project delays and serious vulnerabilities that threaten your business.

We help you take control of your infrastructure support through an effective Network Operations Center (NOC) solution designed to meet the specific needs of your technology environment and operational workflow.

AXO Virtual NOC services provide comprehensive Monitoring and Managed Services for your business. We're supporting you remotely from our 24x7 NOC location.

For us, the key to high-quality support is proactively monitoring, detecting, and measuring the service availability and performance of your infrastructure and support operations.

Comprehensive network, server, application monitoring and a robust operational framework deliver detailed metrics and visibility, enabling our monitoring teams to react quickly and optimize for peak support execution.

Challenges every business have to run a successful NOC

Lack of tiered organization/workflow

Over-utilized technology staff; Missed opportunities for reducing support costs

Insufficient operational metrics

Teams remain blind to issues and opportunities; High costs

Difficulty in staff hiring, training & retention

Limited focus on staff and their growth; High turnover

Poor process frameworks

Lack of consistency in responsiveness; Slow (or difficult) troubleshooting

No quality management

Lack of quality; Missed opportunities providing support; Problems reemerge, teams stay reactive

Disparate tools and platforms

Lots of data, but nothing easily actionable; Critical issues missed

Out-of-date documentation & runbooks

Persistent problems continue

Lack of business continuity

Constant vulnerability

AXO Virtual NOC eliminate the challenges with its five core services

Outsourcing NOC services to AXO can save you both time and money by ensuring that your business operations are always running smoothly. The in-house IT team being free from mundane tasks such as email processing leaves them available for more critical responsibilities ensuring a maximized return on investment.

Data Management with a NOC

The process of remotely managing data allows staff to be freed up for other tasks; this includes the creation of reports and monitoring the occurrence level of incidents and resolutions. The in-house IT team can then focus on maintaining, improving, and upgrading existing features instead of mundane, repetitive tasks such as scheduling, virus scanning, and email analysis.

Managing Operations Remotely

Incident management is the solution for effectively monitoring incidents based on the events that caused them. The network monitoring team at AXO assigns the issues to appropriate groups for resolving them quickly. Dedicated teams will work on handling incidents even while your team is at home outside of working hours.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Networks

A wide range of proactive monitoring and troubleshooting allows for various levels of service to be provided consistently improving the quality. At the same time, costs are reduced, allowing companies to respond to changes promptly. Remote monitoring is done twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the networks are safe and properly functioning.

Around the Clock Support

Knowing that you can get assistance all day every day offers you peace of mind. Help Desk services being available at all times are vital to IT operations being efficient, reliable and affordable. The remote service teams are always learning to ensure the latest technical knowledge is always available to you while allowing for experienced professionals to aid in dealing with issues.

Issues are Documented and Reported by NOC Providers

To ensure members are trained in all aspects of the network, all issues will be tracked, documented, and will be used as references for the IT team. The daily reports are compiled into monthly reports which are used to recreate incidents and use them as a way to prevent the same problems from arising in the future.

AXO Virtual NOC in four steps


Gather requirements

We work closely with you to understand your business needs and what’s driving you towards an outsourced NOC solution. Then we’ll drill deeper to understand which each team will handle specific components of service.



We assign a certified project manager and engagement lead to each onboarding project, who will carefully guide you through the onboarding process each step of the way.



Once you’re up and running, we’ll help you understand how we cover a vast number of technologies and manage change as we deliver the service.


Continual Service Improvement

IT environments are changing rapidly. That’s why we routinely work with you to identify your changing business needs and do everything we can to ensure satisfaction with our service.

AXO Virtual NOC technical support level

Our multi-tier operational support structure enables managers to leverage the lower-cost first-level or Tier 1 team to perform routine activities, freeing up high-level technical teams to focus on more advanced support issues.

Notification Support

We detect and identify events from alarms, calls, and emails related to network and security equipment, circuits, cloud infrastructure, and applications, including creating incidents and notifying, or escalating them to you until the incident has been acknowledged.

Tier 1 Support

Addition to the scope of Notification Support, support includes initial event correlation, infrastructure and services impact determination, and incident prioritization within established SLA timeframes. We work the vast majority of issues to resolution without impacting your team at all. Our Tier 1 resolution rates typically sit between 60% and 80% of all issues.

Advanced Tier 2 Support

Our advanced support team expands on Tier 1’s expertise. It includes a more in-depth, investigative level of troubleshooting expertise in network and IT technologies along with specialized knowledge for highly-involved resolution.

Benefits of AXO Virtual NOC

Reduction in Operating Costs

The pay scale for IT laborers ranges from RM 2,400.00 to nearly RM4,500.00 a month depending on the skill level and position held in a company. This pay range does not include benefits packages making the IT team easily one of the most significant expenses in a company.

Time and Labor are Saved

The IT department of companies can focus on procedures for business development. Most companies do not fully use the abilities of the IT department. They invest energy in having them perform operations that can be outsourced to free them up for more critical tasks. The examination of risk, stockpiling information and investigating applications can be outsourced to a network operations center.

Downtime is Significantly Reduced

Twenty-four-hour monitoring allows for problems to be found virtually immediately, and a team works around the clock to ensure that systems are running. There is always someone available to ensure devices are working correctly and that customer concerns are answered. The system is maintained remotely means that it will not suffer from being down as long if something happens because there is someone to ensure that all software, hardware, and networks are working even when no one is at the physical location for a business.

Immediate Handling of Incidents at all Times

Remote monitoring of networks through a NOC provider gives businesses the ability to have incidents taken care of at all times of the day or night by the remote staff, and to be notified of issues immediately. This means that the instant a problem arises the company is made aware so that it can be addressed through proper channels.

IT Resources are Freed Up for Other Tasks

The IT team of businesses is free to do things more vital to the company than analyzing data and monitoring the network. This allows them to work on issues that arise of more importance than routine maintenance of systems and antivirus software. This increases job satisfaction and increases the productivity of the team because they are not doing mundane tasks such as processing emails.

Administrative Task and Reporting In Real Time

Several companies establish the networking infrastructure of the business themselves even if it causes them to enter into the red financially. Top providers of NOC services have recently begun to offer more solutions, administrating in real time and reporting on demand which has increased the need for the services.

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