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We’ll expand your protection to detect malicious activity and cyberthreats within your IT infrastructure, to keep your environment safe.

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Gain end-to-end threat management

A Security Operations Centre is a facility that houses a dedicated team responsible for maintaining and improving your organization’s cyber security.

Utilizing a range of detection and prevention technologies, as well as the latest threat intelligence sources, the team, comprising of experienced security analysts, engineers and incident responders, monitors network infrastructure to proactively detect and respond to breaches.

Achieving a SOC capability should be a priority for any business seeking to achieve a high level of cyber security.

Experienced SOC experts

Our Security Operations Centre experts work as an extension of your in-house IT team to:

Deploy and configure

Our experts configure and continually tune all underlying technologies to ensure your service remains effective at meeting evolving security and business needs.

Hunt and detect

Our experts hunt for, monitor, investigate and respond to anomalous and suspicious behavior, while reducing high volumes of erroneous and inaccurate system alerts.

Research and recommend

Our experts closely monitor the threat landscape and conduct research to ensure that you always receive the best possible intelligence and clear, actionable outputs.

Report and review

Our experts compile weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to help your key stakeholders understand the latest cyber security risks, meet compliance standards and communicate the value of MDR.

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