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Identify security weaknesses in your applications

The increasing complexity of applications introduces a broad scope for vulnerabilities to crawl into your code. Identify if the source code is accidentally revealing sensitive business data.

Accurate security state

We aim to provide you with the most accurate picture of your web application security.

Comprehensive report

We’ll provide a detailed report outlining any vulnerabilities in your code, security exposure points, high impact advice and root causes.

Security roadmap

We’ll craft a security roadmap and an action plan describing how to resolve your security issues.

Enhance protection

We’ll enhance the security of your business intelligence, sensitive data and IT systems, to help you protect your brand and reputation.

Secure code review methodology

For secure code review, we follow the OWASP Methodology in Secure Coding where it gives a great insight into the common coding errors done by developers and ways to mitigate those errors.


Preparation and compilation of code


Discovery and supporting files


Source code vulnerability scanning


Analysis and verification


Reporting and debrief

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