Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Detect threats as they materialize for maximum security response effectiveness and minimum impact on your organisation.

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Managed technologies


SIEM collects, manages and correlates log information from a variety of sources to help us detect anomalous activity across network infrastructure.

Behavioral monitoring

Network behavior and full protocol analysis enables us to build a picture of regular system activity to improve detection of suspicious behavior.

Intrusion detection

Network and host-based IDS is used to identify unauthorised or anomalous activity such as policy violations and changes to important files.

Endpoint analytics

Endpoint analytics allows us to enhance event visibility, conduct forensics, improve threat hunting and minimise response times.

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning technology helps us to identify insecure network configurations as well as unpatched and unsupported software.

Threat intelligence

Real-time threat intelligence platform, delivering enhanced security visibility, security orchestration and analytics.

“Providing the security expertise, tools and intelligence needed to respond to threats and breaches. With MDR, reduce the time it takes to detect attacks from months to minutes.”

Why MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a new breed of security service integrating the dedicated experts, technology and intelligence needed by proactively hunting for, investigating and providing the support to swiftly eliminate threats 24/7.

Proactive 24/7 network & endpoint monitoring

AXO Security Operations Centre (SOC) is staffed by an experienced team of professionals. We work around the clock, managing and optimizing your security technologies to hunt for, investigate and respond to threats across your network and endpoints.

On-premise & cloud visibility

AXO MDR alleviates the challenges of obtaining threat visibility by configuring your security systems to reduce blind spots and monitoring on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud networks through one unified platform.

Cutting-edge technologies

AXO MDR is vendor agnostic; capable of leveraging your existing security infrastructure alongside the very latest threat detection and response technologies supplied as part of the service.

Threat intelligence analytics

Receive agile incident notification and remediation advice via the real-time threat intelligence and analytics platform. To save your in-house team time and effort reviewing false alarms, all security events detected are reviewed and triaged by our SOC team.

Supported platforms

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Hyper-V
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
G Suite
Office 365
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