Wireless penetration testing

Identify the weaknesses in your wireless network to protect unauthorized access to wireless services.

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Wireless network vulnerabilities

The wireless network brings convenience and mobility to internal users, but with this convenience comes additional risks. An attacker does not need to gain physical access if vulnerable wireless networks can be compromised from a safe distance. Our in-depth wireless penetration testing service can help you to identify and address a broad range of security issues including:

Rogue access points
Poor encryption algorithms
Default router setups
Wireless zero configs
Guest WiFi weaknesses
Bluetooth exploits
WPA key vulnerabilities
WPA bruteforce and packet injection weaknesses

Our approach to wireless penetration testing

AXO's ethical hackers follow a tried and tested methodology for each wireless penetration test. This process includes:



Our wireless penetration testing experts undertake a detailed consultation with your in-house teams to establish the type of testing required and the scope and timeline of engagement.



We utilise our offensive security expertise and knowledge of wireless network protocols to gather information about your organization environment and the tools and techniques that could be used to exploit it.


Vulnerability discovery and analysis

Our penetration testers use a combination of manual and automated processes to identify wireless network vulnerabilities and establish associated risk levels.



Our wireless penetration testing experts ethically exploit identified vulnerabilities and attempt to escalate privileges and traverse across the network, to identify any data and assets at risk.


Reporting and debrief

At the conclusion of each wireless penetration test we provide a report detailing technical information about each vulnerability, an executive summary outlining the risks, and a prioritized list of recommended remedial actions to address them.

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