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Assess the vulnerability of your sensitive data on your web application with AXO web application penetration testing.

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Our approach to web application pentesting

AXO ethical hackers follow a tried and tested web application penetration testing methodology to identify, exploit and help address vulnerabilities across web and thick clients:



AXO’s web app penetration testing experts work with your team to define websites and programs in scope and devise an appropriate strategy and timeline for the engagement.


Reconnaissance & intelligence gathering

Our ethical hackers utilise their knowledge of offensive security and threat intelligence from in-house research and leading security exchanges like CiSP to gather information that could be used to compromise targeted web applications.


Active scanning and vulnerability analysis

Using a combination of manual and automated tools, our web app testers conduct a full assessment of in-scope applications to identify security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting problems plus flaws in application logic and session management flows.



Our web app testers analyse and attempt to harmlessly exploit all design, implementation and operational vulnerabilities identified.


Reporting and debrief

Once a web application security test is complete, we deliver a formal report and debrief outlining key findings, supplementary technical information, and a prioritised list of remedial actions to help address any identified risks and exposures.

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