Internal & external network penetration testing

Assess the resilience of your IT environment and identify and eliminate vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

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Types of network penetration testing

Network penetration testing can be performed from two perspectives: inside and outside your organisation’s network perimeter.

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Internal network penetration testing

Performed inside a network to help gauge whether an employee or contractor could successfully conduct an insider attack, and the potential damage such an attack could cause.

An internal network pen test can mirror real-life scenarios, such as staff members intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions inside a network and/or falling victim to social engineering attacks.

External network penetration testing

An external network pen test is designed to test the effectiveness of perimeter security controls as well as identify weaknesses affecting all other external-facing systems, such as web, mail and FTP servers.

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Our approach to infrastructure penetration testing

AXO penetration testing network assessment follows a tried and tested methodology to identify, exploit and help address vulnerabilities:



AXO’s network and infrastructure testing experts work closely with you to define scoped assets and devise an appropriate internal and/or external assessment strategy and timeline.


Reconnaissance & intelligence gathering

Our ethical hackers utilize their knowledge of offensive security and threat intelligence from in-house research and leading security exchanges like CiSP to gather information that could be used to compromise your network.


Active scanning and vulnerability analysis

Using a combination of manual and automated tools, we conduct a penetration test network assessment to obtain a complete picture of your organisation’s attack surface and identify exploits.



Our experienced network penetration testers ethically exploit all identified vulnerabilities to order to gain a foothold in, traverse and escalate privileges across your network.


Reporting and debrief

Once a network assessment is complete, we deliver a formal report and debrief outlining key findings, supplementary technical information and a prioritised list of remedial actions to help address any identified risks and exposures.

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