Mobile application penetration testing

Identify your mobile application vulnerabilities such as authentication and authorization errors, data leakage and improper session handling.

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The top threats to your mobile security

Whether your organisation is a developer of mobile apps or a business that relies on the use of mobile applications or devices to perform critical functions across the workplace, AXO help you to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that could lead to assets and valuable data from being compromised. Common mobile security risks include:

Weak server side controls
Insecure Data Storage
Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
Unintended Data Leakage
Poor Authorisation and Authentication
Broken Cryptography
Client Side Injection
Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs
Improper Session Handling
Lack of Binary Protections
API Vulnerabilities
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Our approach to infrastructure penetration testing

AXO penetration testing network assessment follows a tried and tested methodology to identify, exploit and help address vulnerabilities:


Reconnaissance & intelligence gathering

AXO will gather information. This information will include the in-scope application binaries, any applicable IP addresses and URLs for in-scope API servers, authentication credentials, and a list of any sensitive or restricted portions of the application that shouldn’t be scanned or exploited.



Open-source intelligence gathering, which includes a review of publicly available information and resources. The goal of this phase is to identify any sensitive information that may help during the following phases of testing, which could include email addresses, usernames, software information, user manuals, forum posts, etc.


Threat Modeling

Evaluate the types of threats that may affect the targets. The types of attacks and likelihood of these threats materializing will serve to inform risk rankings/priorities that are assigned to vulnerabilities throughout the assessment. The perspective of the testing (external, internal, authenticated, unauthenticated, etc.) will also be identified to ensure the validity of vulnerabilities discovered.


Vulnerability Analysis

Using a combination of manual and automated tools, our mobile app testers conduct a full assessment of in-scope applications to identify security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting problems plus flaws in application logic and session management flows.



Taking all potential vulnerabilities identified in the previous phases of the assessment and attempting to exploit them as an attacker would. If successful exploitation of an in-scope application, database, or API server is achieved, analysis will continue, including infrastructure analysis, pivoting, sensitive data identification, data exfiltration, and identification of high-value targets/data. We’ll use the information collected here in the prioritization and criticality ranking of identified vulnerabilities.


Reporting and debrief

Once a mobile application security test is complete, we deliver a formal report and debrief outlining key findings, supplementary technical information, and a prioritised list of remedial actions to help address any identified risks and exposures.

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