Infrastructure strategy workshop

We’ll evaluate your entire infrastructure and align it with best practices to optimize IT performance and fulfill business demands.

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Deliverables includes

Example of a model service catalog
Findings report and recommendations
End-of-project meeting with presentation materials
Pathway to the finished state service catalog

Leverage AXO data center experience

Our engineers, consultants and architects have expertise that spans people, processes and technology. Actionable and practical guidance from AXO will ensure infrastructure availability, response times, reporting accuracy and backup success rates.

Addressing every aspect of your data center

Our Infrastructure Strategy Workshop consists of four analyses. Comprehensive understanding will help you create an environment that serves your business needs better. We’ll assess your:

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Data center network

The connections in your infrastructure are critical to accessing your data, applications and insights. We’ll ensure your data center runs smoothly by studying your network tools, utilization, provisioning and architecture.

Compute & virtualization

An analysis of the physical and virtual components of your data center will equip you to boost your IT performance. We’ll complete a virtualization assessment, compute landscape inventory and converged infrastructure validation.

man and woman working with their code
man exchanging the server blade storage

Data storage

In this evaluation, we’ll examine the technology that supports your data usability and availability. This involves assessing storage inventory, performance, provisioning processes, capacity and consumption reporting.

Data protection

You need to be able to safeguard the lifeblood of your business — your data — from corruption and loss. We’ll compare your data protection and business continuation policies with safety standards to ensure your information is secure.

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