Cloud backup & recovery assessment

Ensure data security and availability by reviewing your retention procedures through AXO comprehensive Cloud Backup Assessment.

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Provides metrics on

Backup speed
Secondary media use
Network throughput
Client and backup server availability

Comprehensive findings

We’ll meet with stakeholders to determine the project scope before we begin our qualitative review. Our two levels of analysis are tailored to deliver the most value to your infrastructure.

Backup Audit

The Backup Audit is a short-term engagement that provides documented results and recommendations for enhancing your retention procedures.

Backup Assessment

Alternatively, through a Backup Assessment, we’ll offer advice on technologies, solution designs, required processes and more.

Complete transformation

We’re dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions. The assessment results can highlight other operations that need review. We’ll guide you through next steps, including:

Disaster recovery options

Choosing the right DR solution is vital to safeguarding your information. We’ll review your current position to find ideal technology options.

Backup Assessment

A robust backup and DR strategy involves a reliable connection to the cloud. We’ll analyze your data change rates and provide feedback on your networking and technology components.

Migration strategy

Completing a workload migration questionnaire with our experts will help you start planning your cloud migration strategy. Together, we’ll evaluate a customized cloud strategy.

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