Cloud envisioning workshop

Learn an effective cloud deployment strategy and discover the many benefits of the cloud in this hands-on workshop.

Talk with Expert
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We’ll collaborate with your stakeholders

Transitioning to the cloud requires buy-in from key people. This workshop shows the value of cloud deployment various people in the company.

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Business executives

The cloud can shorten your time to market for new services, as well as minimize infrastructure costs.

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IT teams

Appropriate governance and operational models enhance overall architecture performance.

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Workload owners

Together, we’ll discover efficiency and productivity opportunities within cloud platforms.

Expert guidance during an interactive session

The Cloud Envisioning Workshop is a chance for your organization to discover new possibilities in the cloud. Steered by our consultative process, you’ll learn how to reduce adoption risk, improve IT service levels and support growth through an effective cloud strategy.

You’ll learn

Best practices when creating a cloud roadmap
Cost control and operational tracking models
Advantages of public and hybrid cloud deployment
How to rationalize workloads in the cloud

Cutting-edge cloud benefits

The cloud offers many ways to innovate. Our experienced team of architects will explain how cloud adoption can improve your workloads and IT.


Test new ideas with ease. The cloud allows you to quickly find success by enabling innovation through DevOps and shifting from CapEx to OpEx.


Cloud self-provisioning allows end users to independently assign IT resources to workloads, freeing administrators to focus on high-value projects.


With the cloud, you can quickly and adequately meet various demand levels, no matter where your customers are — and reduce the risk of downtime.

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