What are the advantages of using Microsoft 365 for business?

Microsoft 365 for business
April 20, 2021

Microsoft 365 for Business is much more than just Office Applications in the cloud. It offers many benefits for businesses, such as assisting growth, increasing productivity, and save money, to name a few.

If you are wondering that you need Microsoft 365, we have created a list of the top benefits Microsoft 365 delivers to businesses, whether large or small.

1. Scalability

Microsoft 365 allows you to scale the usage as you want as quickly as your business grows. You can mix and match the apps to fit each of the user or department needs.

You can manage the users by adding or remove users by simply adding or eliminating licenses.

Since you can scale up as needed, your team can continue to work with the tools they are familiar with as you grow without the need to change to a new environment or adapt to new tools.

2. Easy Collaboration

Working together on tasks, documents, or presentations is such a breeze with Microsoft 365.

Whoever in the team needs to contribute or edit a document can work on the same version and get real-time changes rather than having multiple copies around each team member.

Microsoft 365 also includes a versioning function if you need to go back to an older version of the edits.

Furthermore, with multi-party HD video, shared calendars, and team chat, team members will always be in sync.

3. Always Up To Date

Gone are the days of manual software upgrades and patches. Since Microsoft 365 is in the cloud, your application is always up to date to the latest versions at no additional charge.

You will have instant access to all the new features and improvements each time Microsoft released an update.

Compatibility issues are no longer a problem because all users will be using the same version.

4. Installation on up to 5 devices per user

Nowadays, multi-device usage is crucial to increase productivity and ease of access.

You can access Microsoft 365 across almost all of your devices. It frees you to work anywhere and any time you choose, letting you respond to important requests right away, from nearly any location. 

With the ability to access email and documents from your mobile device, you don’t need to hurry to the office or look for a WIFI hot spot. 

And if you’re traveling without access to Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 helps you view and edit documents from the most popular web browsers on PCs and Macintosh computers. 

5. Safety and Security

With Microsoft 365, you use the same systems used by Microsoft and other enterprises worldwide that have security, backup, and disaster recovery system in place. 

These systems scan your messages and documents for spam and malicious software 24/7. Microsoft data centers help safeguard your data and are certified to meet multiple industry-standard certifications.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

You don’t need any specialized equipment or complex on-premise server setup to start using Microsoft 365. 

The pay-as-you-go pricing options give you predictability and flexibility for your business, whether you are a start-up, SME, or even big business on a tight budget. 

Microsoft 365 also offers great flexibility by allowing you to quickly provide users with only the services they need, cost-effectively adding value to your business.

7. No Requirement for Advanced IT Knowledge

You don’t need advanced IT knowledge to start reaping the value of Microsoft 365.

Manage yourself, although you have no IT staff. You can easily set up and use the features without spending time learning menus and technical jargon so that you can focus on your business.

Perform administrative tasks using an intuitive, web-based portal that is accessible only to people you designate. 

The online portal provides step-by-step instructions on adding users and setting up your account, so your employees can quickly start using Microsoft 365.

If you have an advanced solution to implement in the long run, you can always work with your technology partner like us to set it up for you in the future.

8. Professional Face for Your Business

Using professional services like Microsoft 365 tells your potential customers that you’re serious about business. 

With these state-of-the-art but easy-to-use collaboration, mail, and messaging services, you can set yourself apart from organizations that use free or ad-supported services.

A custom domain name further enhances your branding, and Microsoft 365 includes design tools to create a professional, public-facing website in minutes easily.


Microsoft 365 is a popular productivity suite for many companies worldwide. Download our free guide to the modern workplace if you want to know more about how Microsoft Teams, along with Microsoft 365, can increase your business’s overall productivity.

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