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Simplify complex SIEM deployment to detect anomalous activity across your network infrastructure with AXO Managed SIEM.

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Maximize threat detection with the latest event management technology and dedicated cyber security experts

As your business grows and the threats aimed at compromising it evolve, effective mitigation of cyber security risk now requires real-time threat monitoring to provide full visibility of network activity.

AXO Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, combines security information and event management (SIEM) technology with dedicated security experts to offer 24/7 network monitoring and investigation of your organisation’s network traffic.

Certified to deploy and manage a range of SIEM solutions, our experienced Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts and engineers are highly adept at identifying security threats to save your in-house teams the time-consuming and complex task of investigating real-time and historical network events to identify genuine threats from false positives.

What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a set of threat detection technologies that combine to provide a holistic view of an organization's cyber security posture. 

SIEM systems collect, manage and correlate log and event information from a variety of sources, such intrusion detection systems (IDS) and endpoint detection & response technologies (EDR) in order to flag anomalous activity and generate alerts.

How can a fully-managed SIEM service help?

SIEM’s ability to detect complex and evolving cyber threats makes it an essential and powerful tool for organisations of all sizes.

SIEM systems however, generate a vast number of alerts that are time-consuming to monitor and require a detailed understanding of threats to deal with them effectively. This poses a significant challenge for already stretched IT teams with competing priorities, meaning SIEM systems can be unmanageable for all but the largest enterprises.

Increasingly, organisations are waking up to the fact that SIEM cannot deliver the expected benefits without dedicated security experts that fully understand the latest threats, know what anomalous behavior to look out for and how to respond to attacks.

As a SIEM MSSP, AXO helps to bridge the knowledge and resource gap with a range of SIEM solutions.

Key benefits of our SIEM services

Identify threats as soon as they occur

Significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber security risk through continuous network monitoring and rapid threat detection and escalation. The AXO SOC proactively monitors and investigates network events 24/7 to provide early threat notification and helpful remediation advice.

Focus on remediation rather than detection

By proactively analysing the alerts generated by your SIEM platform and prioritising genuine security incidents that require your attention, AXO SOC removes the need to conduct in-house threat investigation and thereby focus on remediation rather than detection.

Maximise the benefit of your SIEM investment

Installation and management of your chosen SIEM technology is handled by our experienced security engineers. As part of our MDR service, AXO will conduct regular system health checks maintenance and implement custom correlation directives designed to identify new threats and reduce the number of false positives.

Meet compliance needs

Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting gives you a clear picture of your security posture. Redscan offers flexible SIEM reporting tailored for compliance needs such as PCI DSS.

Reasons to choose MDR

SIEM management is a core function of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). AXO MDR combines a range of complimentary threat detection technologies, the latest external intelligence and certified security expertise to provide a complete managed detection and response service.

Services includes

Managed IDS
Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Behavioural Analytics
Managed Endpoint Monitoring
Threat Intelligence Orchestration
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