Managed behavioral monitoring

Identify malicious activity across your environment with network behavior analysis.

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What is behaviour monitoring?

Behavior monitoring, also known as network behavior analysis (NBA) or network behavior anomaly detection, is the process of collecting and analyzing network information in order to identify malicious activity.

Data is typically collected from a wide range of sources and correlated to reveal unusual patterns and trends.

When conducted over an extended period of time, behavior monitoring allows organisations to establish a benchmark for normal traffic, which helps to flag unusual activity. Any anomalies identified can then be escalated for further analysis, and if deemed to pose a genuine threat, swiftly eliminated.

Identify malicious activity before it's too late

Signature-based security systems are an essential part of any organisation’s armory, but they cannot be relied upon to stop all cyber threats. For truly effective threat detection and response it is essential to monitor network and endpoint activity for behavior that may indicate an attack.

Network behavior analysis tools and techniques

Network behavior anomaly detection utilizes traditional perimeter security systems like firewalls and antivirus, alongside threat detection technologies including SIEM, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning and Endpoint Analytics. Network behavior monitoring tools and techniques include:

Service and infrastructure monitoring

Continuous monitoring of services run by particular systems helps to detect unexpected service outages across critical infrastructure.

NetFlow analysis

Identification of high-level trends pertaining to protocol and bandwidth usage, helping to flag netflow usage that falls outside defined thresholds.

Network protocol analysis

Full protocol analysis of network traffic assists incident response by identifying exploit methods, as well as the type and amount of data compromised.

The benefits of managed behavioural monitoring

Behavior analysis tools offer valuable insight to help defend businesses against cyber threats, but without the human resources to proactively investigate and respond to the alerts, organizations will fail to reap the maximum benefits.

Round-the-clock system monitoring by humans is time and resource-intensive, requiring specialist expertise and a deep understanding of the latest threats, how they operate and how to respond to them.

For enhanced situational awareness, multiple technologies are required. Utilizing multiple disparate platforms can be a significant financial and administrative burden, however, with the sheer volume of notifications often leading to alert fatigue.

A managed behavioral monitoring service can help organisations of all sizes relieve these burdens by providing a 24/7 virtual SOC team to proactively manage and monitor all deployed security technologies and provide the clear advice and detailed remediation guidance needed to detect and respond to threats in their infancy.

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