Helping the world-leading drone-based enterprise solution implementing an effective digital workplace

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Our client is a world-leading provider of drone-based enterprise solutions and a pioneer in using AI to enable large-scale data capture and analytics.

With tremendous growth over the years, they now have hired 500 employees globally and still growing. They know that they need to create an effective digital workplace to promote a more robust and systematic collaboration between employees as hybrid work has become a new normal in this coming year.

The Challenge

As a multiplying global company, they decided to migrate to a robust, centralized, and seamless digital workplace solution to allow their employees to collaborate and communicate more efficiently no matter where they are.

Our Solution

AXO Technologies worked closely with our client team to understand their previous collaboration solution and architect a new solution that met their needs.

Previously, their staff had different applications in every communication touchpoint, including chat, meetings, file sharing, and task management. Our task is to centralize their communication to boost up their productivity and make sure the solution is secure than ever.

We've implemented Microsoft 365 for Business to centralize all their employees' productivity needs using a single digital workplace solution. Now all their employees can communicate, organize a meeting, have a conference call session, and share files in Microsoft Teams. They also can manage their employees in the different departments by leveraging channels within Teams. 

AXO migrated all their work files to Sharepoint to manage their files, control access to information, and automate workflow processes across business units.

As remote working is becoming more crucial these days, we have set up Windows 365 Cloud PC for top management to boost productivity.


Our client feels satisfied with its new digital workplace solution. Collaboration is now easier with all employees using Microsoft Teams to communicate.

Communication has also become more structured as the staff is divided into different channels, departments, projects, or other purposes. Each channel has a file upload hub to organize files within each department. Files are no longer scattered and mixed all over the cloud storage that they previously used.

Collaboration becomes safer as Microsoft 365 passes the ISO/IEC 27001 international information security standard. They can also control which user can see which files to avoid random people accessing confidential files.

The top management can now use a high spec PC with a super-fast internet connection anywhere in the world just by streaming Windows 365 Cloud PC using a minimal device and average internet connection. 


Microsoft 365, along with Windows 365 Cloud PC, is a robust and all-in-one solution for every organization that prioritizes productivity in the era of hybrid work.

We are glad to work with them to implement their Digital Workplace and help them experience the magic of Windows 365 Cloud PC and become the first company in Malaysia that uses it. 

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