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How AXO Technologies is increasing a Malaysian fintech company security against cyber threat

Increasing a fintech company cybersecurity by implementing cybersecurity solutions that meet industry compliance.

This project aims to increase their security by implement a new threat protection system and ensure their service complies with the PCI DSS and BNM RMIT standards. The threat protection system must have fast and proactive threat detection along with the latest threat intelligence technology, 

Since the company holds a significant market share in their industry, we decided to implement Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), one of the market’s best threat-protection systems.

Intercept X Endpoint Security has many capabilities, including fast and intelligent AI-driven malware detection, anti-ransomware, and exploit preventions. 

Intercept X also has the most malware, exploits, and Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) blocked, among other solutions out there.

Sophos EDR maintains IT security operations hygiene and hunts down stealthy threats. It also has built-in expertise to help answer the tough questions about security incidents.

We’ve also implemented a comprehensive encryption solution across platforms and devices to ensure their service complies with the PCI DSS and BNM RMIT standards.

The outcomes

The new threat protection system increases its efficiency against threats and makes their service safer and more reliable.  

Enhanced Malware Detection: our testing results showed high accuracy rates spotting existing and never-before-seen malware thanks to the deep learning technology.

PCI DSS and BNM RMIT Compliance: the encryption solution meets the PCI DSS, and BNM RMIT compliance makes their service safer and lowers cyber risk.

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