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Increase performance, protect your data and lower down operation cost with the connected local cloud.

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Cloud platform that developed to lower down your operational cost

Based on our research, high data transfer in unplanned manners and uncertainty of USD currency exchange are the biggest challenges to local businesses when using the cloud pay per use payment plan.

AXO Cloud provide fixed mothly packages with bundle up free extra features to let you enjoy low monthly overhead.

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Why choose AXO Cloud?

Cost benefit analysis

Free migration assistance

Free OS & Data Backup

No currency fluctuation

Lower than public cloud

Fixed monthly price

Technology update analysis

Data Sovereignty Compliance

AXO Cloud pricing

Our thoughtful and affordable pricing that fits your business needs.



Billed per month
11 Core vCPU
30 GB vRAM
1 TB vDisk
4 Public IP
10 Mbps Bandwith
1 Tb Backup Disk



Billed per month
21 Core vCPU
60 GB vRAM
2 TB vDisk
8 Public IP
20 Mbps Bandwith
2 Tb Backup Disk



Billed per month
31 Core vCPU
90 GB vRAM
4 TB vDisk
12 Public IP
30 Mbps Bandwith
3 Tb Backup Disk

“Our customers have saved at least 20-30% of current IT operational cost annually after migrating to AXO Cloud”

*All of our cloud subscriptions are subject to terms and condition

Read AXO cloud subscription terms & conditions
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